Sole Hope

SOLEHOPE_LOGO This year we have added a new outreach program to our conference.  As moms, we are always thinking of children and how to better their lives. We decided that this was the perfect outreach for our conference because it is doing just that – helping children and bettering their lives.  This is a wonderful organization that is working in Uganda to supply children and even adults with shoes.  Jiggers is a horrible problem in this region and they burrow into the feet and is disabling.  Sole Hope has clinics where you can come and have your feet “cleaned” and then they place a clean pair of shoes on to protect the feet.  Now don’t take the clean as a soap and water cleaning – this process is quite painful as they literally dig the jiggers and their eggs out of their feet. So how can you help?  We are asking that everyone bring any old denim they are not using and donate it.  We will have a box set up to collect the denim.  It can be any color of denim and it can even be some that has some stretch to them.  This denim will then be cut into the pieces needed to sew the shoes.  On Friday, March 27 at 6:30 pm we will be having a shoe cutting party.  You come and cut out the pieces, bring $10, and we will ship them to be sewn by the people in Uganda.  This organization has grown so much that they can now employ people there to sew the shoes and better their lives. The $10 goes towards paying those wages.

This is a very brief synopsis of what this program is about.  We encourage you to go to and learn more about this wonderful organization.  We will explain more during the conference and give out more information regarding the shoe cutting party. So bring your denim!!


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