Sole Hope

At the 20SOLEHOPE_LOGO15 conference we introduced an organization that was dear to our hearts as moms!  Sole Hope. This organization is fulfilling a much needed service for children in Uganda – jigger removal and clean shoes made of recycled materials! Last year we asked attendees to bring their old denim and then later held a shoe cutting party. This year we are looking for everyone to donate supplies for the medical clinics that treat the jigger problem. On the day of the conference we will have bins for your donations.

Supplies needed:

Large safety pins      Medial Gloves      Band-Aids       Medical Tape      Gauze wrap      Alcohol wipes                               Triple Antibiotic Cream

Our outreach project helps to provide shoes for African children and medical clinics, education, and jobs to the beautiful souls in Uganda. For more information on Sole Hope or other ways you may assist this organization, please visit their website, Sole Hope.


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