Common Sense Discipline

Joining us again this year is Dr. Paul Hauck. This is his third year with us and is one of our most popular, which is why we have not given him a year off. Disciplining is an evolution with our children – it changes all the time as they mature. What worked when they were a toddler does not work when they are older. This is why Kara, a co-organizer of the conference, always wants him to return!

Dr. Hauck has worked in the field of mental health in various capacities for forty years and has practice as a clinical child psychologist for the past thirty.  He served as the Director of Children’s Mental Health Services at Travis AFB where he treated over 5000 children, trained Pediatricians and Family Practitioners in child mental health topics, consulted with the local school systems, and served as the primary parent educator for base families.  He has presented at many local and national conferences over the years and taught in the Chapman University graduate program in psychology. We are thrilled that Dr. Hauck has agreed to come back and help educate us moms for a third year!


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