Internet Safety For Our Children

Craig Perra will be joining us for the first time this year and we are so thrilled he agreed to come talk to us! He will be discussing Internet Safety For Our Children. There is so much to learn here and if you think you know and have done everything to protect your children, then you will probably be very surprised to learn you have not. Craig delivers a powerful and informative presentation on what parents need to know to protect their children online. He’s partnered with Enough is Enough, the nation’s top internet safety nonprofit in the country to educate parents regarding the Rules ‘N Tools® they need to raise responsible digital citizens. It’s action oriented and fact based . . . and passionate – his passion comes from his own personal struggle with pornography and in his current role as a certified professional life coach working with men, women and couples in 14 countries around the world. Craig receives approximately one call every three weeks from boys as young as 10 years old struggling with pornography and their parents have no clue. It was after one of these calls when he decided to start speaking about internet safety. His former role as a regulatory attorney for a multi-billion dollar company also allows him to speak with ease regarding the various policy, legal, and compliance matters surrounding blocking and filtering software, criminal implications, and international issues. This is going to be an amazing session with Craig and we cannot wait to hear him!!


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