Your “job” as a mother

Mom-Conference-Logo-Final  Do you consider being a mom as you would a job outside of the home?  Being a mom is just that – a job!  We are trying to teach our children how to live life and hopefully become happy, productive human beings.  As a job you would have “outside” of the home (many of us work from home), you do things to continue to better yourself in that job.  That is how we like to think of this conference.  Learn new things that will help you be a better mom.  We have heard that many are having a hard time “selling” this to their spouses to spend $59, but if you look at it from this approach – $59 is cheap!  How many hundreds of dollars are spent on conferences that you attend for your other job or your significant others job.  This is just another way to look at it.  We encourage you to think of this day as an aspect of your job, but we will have some fun too!!  So buy your ticket today! We look forward to seeing you!!


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