2016 Conference

Mom-Conference-Logo-FinalWe had an AMAZING time on Saturday at our 3rd annual Mom Conference. Everyone had a wonderful time socializing and learning new things. I had one mom tell me it was so weird to sit and eat lunch ALL they way through without being interrupted! That is one of the things we strive for in this conference – a day for yourself and feeling a little pampered. We even eat with real plates, real silverware, real napkins, and we do not even have to clean up after ourselves! Every year we hear it is so hard to choose which breakout to go to because they want to hear them all. Some moms divided and conquered by separating and taking notes and then sharing with each other. We continually hear that they love the small intimacy of this day because they can actually ask questions of the speakers, receive answers, and talk to other moms. In large conferences you do not have that opportunity.

We will take a few months off before beginning the preparation for 2017. Below are just a few pictures from the event.



Liz Armstrong speaking on Vulnerability and Shame



Danee Davis speaking on Meal Planning and Freezer Meals





Craig Perra speaking on Internet Safety





Dr. Paul Hauck discussing Common Sense Discipline. He is really proud to be our only speaker with us all three years!




Dawn Cannon discussing Organization. One mom walked out of this session ready to go home and start organizing!



Marcie Larkey discussing “Are you leaving a mess or a legacy?” This is a very difficult subject discussing wills and trusts, but she sure knows how to make a difficult situation easy to discuss!



We hope you will consider coming next year and if you came this year for the first time we hope you had such a nice day that you will bring a friend with you! The best referral is word of mouth!

WORK like you don’t need the money, DANCE like no one is watching, SING like no one is listening, LOVE like you’ve never been hurt, and LIVE LIFE every day as if it were your last.


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