Day Conference for Moms

2017 will be our fourth year for this conference. Melissa Lovin began this conference because when her children were little she always thought it would be nice to have a conference to go to like her friends that worked outside of the home. After all, being a stay at home mom is a job itself and we need encouragement, motivation, and enriching just like other jobs outside of the home. Melissa had this idea for years, but it was in 2012 that she could start to see this idea actually become a reality. 2013 was the first conference and she did it all alone. She wanted this to be nice and the moms to feel special. Lunch is served with real plates, actual silverware, and cloth napkins and tablecloths!! They do not even have to clean up their plates – they leave them for someone else to deal with. All the moms LOVED this and the tradition has continued. After that first conference, Melissa has received help from different people each year. We have added some new things for 2017 and hope all the moms will love it.

We invite you to spend the day celebrating the joy of being a mom. It is a time to spend with friends, develop new friendships, gain new insights, and have a great time.   We will have six speakers and you will get to listen to four of them.  Two main sessions and two breakout sessions.  Included in your day is muffins, lunch, snacks, drinks, and a few surprises!

Please feel free to contact the organizers with any questions at: themomconference@gmail.com.

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